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 Danny Richardson (Prime Time):

         Height: 6'7
         Weight: 375
         Finisher: The Pedigree

This man that you're looking at is the "real" Danny Richardson.  He's the current interim co-host of The Whole Fucking Show and the most dangerous wrestler in the history of the business.  So what makes Danny Richardson so important that he'd need his own page, you ask?  Well, any guy who would be willing to make 1000 fake twitter accounts to make it seem like he's the most interesting man on the weekly discussion is clearly co-dependent on what the internet thinks of him, so why not throw him a bone?  He was so proud of himself that he actually started walking around in his underwear wrestler tights with the words "man of a thousand twitters" planted right on his ass. He's also the Kansas (his hometown)  State Hush Puppy eating champion.  Danny Richardson once ate 396 hush puppies in one sitting.  It was a site that was so remarkable its still talked about to this day around the Kansas campfires.