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The success of the show then nearly came to a screeching halt however, when the two men put up a video on youtube.  This was no ordinary video.  This wasn't a video making fun of how many wristbands HBK wore at Wrestlemania.  No, this was a video talking about the man who posed for the scream painting: Bobby Heenan.  

After this things got weird.  People from all over the world started pouring in with negative comments.  One youtuber was so upset by the video that they said,  "You guys are fucked up! Karma whill come back and bit you in the ass, believe me... There's on thing in joking about somebody who is able-bodied, but to crack jokes at someone who is clearly in deteriorating health, this is sickening...." 

Some thought that it would be over forever.  Some went even so far to say that the Bobby Heenan video would be the death of the show.  Thankfully, those haters would be wrong.  Somehow, someway, making fun of Bobby Heenan's melting face made the show more popular.  Their youtube subscribers doubled, the website numbers tripled.  Truly it was a Christmas miracle.

Where are the two men now?  They're at the top of the mountain drawing more money than Sting (just like Jeff Jarrett).  If you haven't already, then come join the rest of the world and enjoy what these two have in store for us next.